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Keen to get a Work/Life Balance?

If you’re buried in admin, and running your business is ruining your life, we can help.

The first step is identifying the problem, for instance, how many of these sound like you?

  • Using manual or paper based systems in your business
  • Entering the same information into more than one system
  • Not being able to find the information you need, when you need it
  • Having to wait for tasks to be done, before the next can start

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone – because here at PJ Admin Services, we help busy business owners like you everyday.

Business Health Check

  1. Review where your business is at.

  2. Review what systems and process need attention.

  3. Provide you with a report outlining where you can make improvements / changes to:

  • ​Increase Profit

  • Reduce non-productive administrative processes

  • How to best utilise systems efficiently

We will provide you with a Proposal on how we can best help you on Conclusion of the Review.

Setup One Business Software Small Business

  1. Software Setup​ - including accounting, CRM's, POS, Job Management etc

  2. 3 hours Office Training

  3. 2 hours Worker Training (or additional Office Training as required)

  4. One month Phone and Email Support

This is a One-Off Setup Offer, no ongoing support or maintenance of software is included.

HR Policies and Procedures

  1. Provision of HR Policies and Procedures (including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) if any).
  2. Collate up to 10 policies and procedures into one document to address your business requirements.  These will be bespoke for your organisation (and countries employment law) and will cover all aspects of managing people (Electronic).

  3. Introduction of an Employee Induction Handbook (Electronic).

    It’s great practice to have an Employee Induction Handbook for your staff to refer to whenever they are unsure of a process to follow, together with Checklists as required.  Our Employee Handbooks are comprehensive but simplified and can cover anything from customer service, to Human Resources policies and practices, basic health and safety, company vehicle policies and more or less depending on your needs.

  4. Consultation with Management and Supervisors to ensure understanding of the new policies and procedures.






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